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Wednesday, 13 February 2013


As most of you will know our little Lexi caught the chicken pox last week and was pretty miserable with it but being the loving, caring , sharing sister she is [and here is the proof]...

....she passed it on to her brother Sam so this week we have two little spotty dotties.

Thank you for all your get well wishes on Friday but can you now please double them up so they will both be fit and well again very soon.  :-)

So what is on my desk today?...
 I found another box with fabric I'd forgotten about [how could I forget about all this yummy fabric?] and of course it is just perfect for making the little LillyBo Quilts with.

So with these 3 boxes full to overflowing already we just had to do a bit of sorting and actually half filled a bin bag with bits just too small to do anything with....yes I'm being firm with myself now cos we are putting the house on the market soon to downsize to a bungalow so I can't save every scrap of fabric......can I?

We then emptied 3 sweety jars of ribbon out onto the table to look for 1" wide pieces to go round the little quilts and even with all this lot we didn't find many pieces suitable to use....I just might have to go shopping  :-)
This ribbon is now all sorted into..
  • Christmas ribbon jar
  • satin ribbon jar and
  • patterned ribbon jar.
Time well spent and thanks for your help Jo.

Some of the fabrics are now sorted into LillyBo quilt project bags so when I've got a spare minute or more I can grab a bag and get making instead of having to search for matching bits.

And here's a sneaky peep to show you that quilt number 4 has already been started  :-)

I hope you have enjoyed a quick look into my world this week.  If you leave me a comment I will do my best to call by later this evening cos today Jo and I and several other friends are off on a girly crafting fun day together.
...wahooooo wahooooo [can you tell how excited I am?].
Annie x

Don't forget to snap a happy pic and link it to this weeks Weekly smiles post here.  Please join in the fun and make the world a happier place to be.


Twiglet said...

Hours of fun had sorting !! See you soon. x Jo

Lynn Holland said...

I only got as far as the babes in the bath, they are utterly gorgeous.
Lynn 60

Helen said...

Wowza! Some piles of fabric - I don't envy you 'pruning' to a bungalow... but I am sure you will manage it!! Hope the littlies recover soon - it is best to catch it young, after all! Helen, 2 (and thanks for finding time to stop by already).

Angie said...

Wow those quilts are beautiful ...you make them so fast.
Bless Lexi and Sam ...Jake gave his spots to Ben a while back ....so generous xx

JoZart said...

So much going on there but the bath pic is a star. So cute and I can almost hear the fun they are having! What a stash of fabric and I am so thrilled with quilt No 4. It is fabulous! What a job you'll have downsizing to a bungalow with all that lovely stash in stock but looks like you've got a head start. You are a star!
Love Jo x

Lydia La La said...

poor little chickadees. at least it isn't hot summer to make them itch more. you have been a busy lady!!!

Heather Alger said...

Beautiful photos and project
Happy WOYWW Heather # 62

Julia Dunnit said...

Oh look at all the interest on that quilt - you're going great guns as usual! Hope you're having a really super day, will want to hear all about it!

voodoo vixen said...

Not doing woyww this week... not a lot crafting to show for my time and my stoopid back won't let sit and visit blogs, but couldn't not pop in and say hello and smile at that lovely photo of the spotties!!
Love that you have organised it into bags for the quilts, it will save you loads of humming and haaing time when you want to get going on another one!
The one on the ironing board looks fab!!

Neet said...

Downsizing? Are you sure? I ask because I keep saying we are going to do that but then when I put all my requirements down on paper I realise my downsize will never happen. Can't give up my craft room, need at least two bathrooms, need a spare bedroom (not double up as a craft room) and a utility. Just get a big bungalow like I have and it will be fine - at least no stairs.
Sorry to hear about the twins. At least that is one childhood illness under the belt before school. Do hope they are not too ill with it and that it soon passes. Adorable picture, what joy those grandees of yours bring to us all.
Brill quilt. Thanks for sharing.
Neet xx 4

Ria Gall said...

forgotten craft stash how do we do it, because we just keep buying so much more. So much lovely fabric your quilts are fantastic

Eliza said...

How on heavens earth could you forget about stash, this blows me away, just as much and those beautiful quilts.

Eliza 13

Karen said...

Oh poor kiddies. At least it's all done in one go though. Always a positive! Happy WOYWW! Karen 86 x

Ann B said...

You will love living in a bungalow, so much easier to maintain and therefore more time for crafting, if a little less space.
Good luck with the tidying and with quilt number 4
Ann B

Christine said...

Loving sisters always share.. love that photo, brought back some wonderful memories. Thank you
Bishopsmate #85

SueH said...

What a lovely photo of Lexi and Sam. Let’s hope that will be it for them because although they say once you’ve had it you never get it again, I’ve had it three time and the last time I was 45.

It looks like you have your work cut out (sorry for the pun) with all that material Annie and another beautiful quilt in the making too. You and Jo are so generous with your involvement in the LillyBo quilts….real stars, the pair of you.
Thanks for stopping by this week.

Happy Crafting!
Sue @ 68

Angelfish said...

Wow! Your fourth already? Brilliant :o) Those twins are just too adorable. Hope they are both clear of the spotty dotties soon.
Fiona xx

famfa said...

Hope the Small's are soon spot free. Loving your quilts.
Famfa 117

mamapez5 said...

Happy Days Annie. My three younger boys all had chicken px in quick succession, and each one got it a bit worse than the one before, so I hope little Sam isn't too poorly.
The quilts are beautiful. I love them all. have a good week.
Kate x #126

Sandy Leigh said...

Love seeing a gorgeous quilt in the making! You are busy! Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #106

lisa said...

Ohhh chicken pox, not nice. I hope they are both feeling better really soon.
You have so much gorgeous fabric to play with. I've had to resort to buying some to make my quilts and I still didn't have just what I needed. If we could make them from paper then I'd have no problem!!!
Hugs Lisax #66

505whimsygirl said...

Oh yes, chicken pox. I had them as a child and have the lovely photo to prove it! What an adorable photo of the twins -- very sweet. PERFECT for Valentine's Day!

Good luck with the sale of your home. Here the market is slow but I'm hoping to sell my place this spring (or sooner). It's so hard to keep a house spotless, especially when you're a crafter.

The quilt looks great!

Hugs, Kay #125

Anne said...

hi Annie. Get well wishes to both the Munchkins. Love the quilt on your ironing board. Thanks for your offer of advice if I need it re making mine.
Have you washed your fabric before using?
What width have you made them?
Have you used a wadding or just the soft fleece backing. I'm not sure what to use. Need to go shopping whatever :-)
Hope you've had a fun day crafting.
Anne x #134

pearshapedcrafting said...

You are doing so well with those quilts and they all look fabulous! Hope the chickenpox isn't too itchy! As for downsizing ….well all I can say is Good Luck …I hated parting with stuff that I thought would always be around- mind you I'm happy that we moved - all's well that ends well….Chrisx

okienurse said...

Poor babes having the chicken pox. I can remember it and I didn't like the itch! Sounds like you have had a good time with the sorting. Reminds me of King Midas and the money chamber! Have a great week and thanks for sharing. Vickie #17

butlersabroad said...

Sorry to hear the munchkins all have chicken pox, but at least they'll get it out of the way early. So that was Jo's fun day!! At least you got it all sorted and that's a brilliant idea putting all the pieces together in bags so you can just grab one and get going. Quilt number 4, well done you.

Brenda 100

Ohhh Snap said...

My daughter had a mild case of chicken pox and had to get the booster vaccines to insure she wouldn't get it as an adult. Hope they are feeling chipper soon. So much fabric and ribbon! Lovely quilt. #145

Hands to Work, Hearts to God said...

What a great idea about the matching cloth in plastic bags! I too have a hard time keeping my stash to a minimum! I'm a hoarder, that I am! :^) patsy

Caro said...

Congratulations on all the sorting. The next quilt looks gorgeous. I hope your two little angels get better really quickly. Thanks for sharing. Happy belated WOYWW! Caro #65

MaggieC said...

That quilt work is impressive and so beautiful. But not as beautiful as that picture in the bath. Children are just so generous with their germs, but at least they recover fairly quickly. All my best wishes are headed their way, not to mention to their parents. xx Maggie #8

Nan G said...

All kinds of fun stuff going on. a bit late with Happy WOYWW! Nan 5

Carol said...

Beautiful quilt.
Double "get well soon wishes" from me.
Carol xx