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Monday, 3 December 2012

Pufflette needs a home....

I have been busy dumfing whilst watching telly in the evenings over the weekend and thought you might like to see the latest feltie that has gone into the blog shop this morning....

I made him from some of my new wool rovings that I bought from Sara last week.  This was the blended merino wool rovings called Summer fruits.  It was so lovely to work with and is such a yummy colour.  If you would like to give Pufflette a home [and of course he can only go to the best of homes] then please pop over to the shop to check out details and email me so I can mark him up as sold  :-).

Jo will be down later for our Funday Monday and I think we will be making a few more little Christmas mice as I sold the last of them over the weekend.  
Hope you have a great day......I know we will  :-)
Annie x


Twiglet said...

Just collecting mouse bits!! Sounds unhygienic - lol. See you soon. Cute Pufflette x Jo

KatzElbows said...

Mine. Mine, mine, mine. I'm sending you an email, but Pufflette is mine.

KatzElbows said...

Sorry, what I meant to say was that I believe I can offer a very good home to this gorgeous baby dragon. If you are kind enough to send Pufflette to me I promise to provide a warm and loving environment for a baby dragon.

Di said...

Ha, ha - I did laugh at KatzElbows excited 'mine, mine, mine' comment :))

Love Pufflette - you do think up some appropriate names for your critters, puppets and dollies!

Squeak, squeak :) Hugs and have a lovely day with Jo, Di xx

Samantha Elliott said...

Aw! Pufflette is gorgeous. I hope Katzelbows will be allowed to give him a good home as she was sooo keen! Reminded me of the seagulls in Finding Nemo!

Morti said...

ROFLMAO @ Katzelbows - ya beat me to it, lady!

Anne said...

Love Pufflette - great name. Hope you and Jo had a good time. Anne x

Calico Kate said...

I am never ceased to be amazed at just how much you do Annie & still have time to blog about it I have been terribly remiss in lots of areas!
Have jest been doing some catching up. I CAN. NOT. BELIEVE. how big the twinnies are now!! Heavens they'll be at school next week! :D
Sorry to read that your craft table didn't do so well, they are such hit and miss things craft fairs. I sold absolutely nothing on Saturday and then almost a £100 at another! Best of luck with the next one.

Eliza said...

I to was laughing at kATZeLBOWS determination to give Puffette a loving environment to live in. I am also curious to know what is it about mice and christmas that makes people attracted to the little beggars.

I do love your work and thanks for sharing.

Eliza 38

Eliza said...

Oh I forgot to add, I am amazed at home many items you get processed in a week. Also thanks for visiting me last week and again sorry for not getting back to you until now

Eliza (queenartoypia)