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Friday, 7 December 2012

5 little pixies [and 2 bit bigger ones!]...

Wednesday night most of you will know I had my 5 little pixies round with their mummies [and one of their daddies too] to decorate our Christmas tree so I have made a collage of the pics I snapped to make you smile today.....magical memories in the making eh?

You can click on the pics to have a closer look if you'd like to and you can add these titles where you think they fit best...  :-)
  • 5 little pixies all together....very briefly!
  • No I won't got on the top mum!
  • Even a little elf needs his milk at bedtime!
  • A little reindeer gets a bit of tinsel!
  • My two little pixies....when did they grow up and become so beautiful?
  • The biggest pixie can reach the highest up the tree!
  • We painted these today to go on your tree Nanny Annie.
  • Can you put this on the tree please Aunty Amy...I can't quite reach!
  • That looks pretty Mum.
I do so love my family times...I'm such a proud mum and nanny.
..... [but I guess that is pretty obvious :-) ]

Really hope you have enjoyed sharing my snaps today and you have a wonderful weekend.
Annie xxxx


Di said...

Oh, how lovely Annie - that's a brilliant family tradition :) Super photos. Hugs, Di xx

Twiglet said...

What great bunch!!

Kate said...

How fantastic. It looks like you are all going to have your hands full this Christmas, but the smallest people make it the most fun!

** Kate **

JoZart said...

How lovely.. fab pics and they ALL look so cute and lovely. We are well blessed! Thanks for sharing
Love Jo xxx
have emailed Jo BTW and thanks again

Fiona@staring at the sea said...

How wonderful for you and what lovely memories you are creating for the children xx

Samantha Elliott said...

Aw Bless! Where did you get the Elf clothes? I want some!
Great photos and wonderful family tradition.

Paula Gale said...

beautiful pictures Annie - and beautiful memories made too... the most precious of all.

Paula x x x

Anonymous said...

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