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Friday, 20 January 2012

Your Friday's smile.......

I bet you're smiling now  :-)  Here is the twins having some tummy time.  What a lovely age they are now.....lots of chuckles and they only get a little grumpy when they are tired or hungry.  Such happy babies......long may it last.

Hope you all have a great weekend.
Annie x


KC'sCourt! said...

They are gorgeous
Julie xxxxxxxxxx

Di said...

Ow wow - good enough to eat! Aren't the twins gorgeous, growing so fast into real little characters too :) Di xx


You are absolutely right I did smile BIG! They are looking so grown up. The picture is already hung up in our dining room (my husband even expressed some impressed noises (it is rare take it from me!)). Have a lovely weekend, wend x

mckinkle said...

Awww what a super photo Annie!!

Such gorgeous smiles!

Keryn x

Emma/The Log Cabin xxx said...

So beautiful. Definitely made me smile, bless them. Thank you for sharing.

Have a lovely weekend, Annie.

Lots of love xxx

famfa said...

Gorgeous x

505whimsygirl said...

Oh Annie,
This does my heart good! They are so very adorable.

Glad they are doing so well!!!


Twiglet said...

They are such little characters aren't they!!

Angela (Toucan Scraps) said...


Anne said...

They are just gorgeous and growing quickly too.Your heart just fills with joy when you see them.

Carol said...

Awww, they've certainly made me smile, what stunners! Absolutely gorgeous.
Glad you enjoyed my blog trip to York.
Have a lovely weekend.
Carol xx

JoZart said...

They are double adorable and haven't they grown so much!! Lovely to share them...
Jo x

Sue said...

Oh! wow Annie how they have grown? and so so cute made me day they have
Thanks for the congratulations..lots of sleepless nights and hard work for 6 months now though lol
Very excited too
Hugs Sue x

okienurse said...

They are gorgeous Annie. I def am smiling now! Thanks for sharing them with us!