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Monday, 12 December 2011

The elves have been....

I had my little elves here Saturday morning to decorate the tree.  I keep my Christmas decorations separate so the little ones can be let loose to decorate Nanny's tree.  I have a tin full of knitties that adorn the tree each year.....the Santas were knit by my mum so even though each one is different [even though knitted from the same pattern!] my tree just wouldn't be the same without them.  As you can see we don't go for the colour co-ordinated sort of tree but ours is one full of memories and love.

Here you can see the elves at work....magical moments.  Their little brother slept through all the excitement  :-)

Their mummy has always been my big elf and she was in charge of the glass baubles so between them the finished result is just perfect  :-)

Our little visitors were joined by their little twinny cousins [Nanny was doing a bit of babysitting so their Mum and Dad could have an afternoon and evening off].  I fed the twins, Amy fed baby Steve and then we all enjoyed lunch together.....3 adults and 5 grandchildren....bliss.  Its what memories are made of.

As you can see here this babysitting of twins is such hard work  :-)  They were just as good as gold.  Granddad was able to put up the rest of the Christmas decorations and finish painting the bathroom while Nanny Annie was able to sit knitting while watching two beautiful sleeping babes.

When it comes to bed time you wouldn't find two more different babies though.  One is up with the larks in a morning and the other is awake with the owls at night.  Here you can see Lexi all ready for bed but as you can see she thinks otherwise [think she just doesn't want to miss anything :-) ].  Her brother is fast asleep in his cot!
It just wouldn't do for us all to be the same would it?  :-)


Suz said...

House full of elves lol
Merry Chrismas x

Twiglet said...

Fab pics - what a lovely day you had. x Jo

Di said...

Oh Annie - how blessed you are with these gorgeous little ones! Enjoy every moment honey!! Di xx

Helen said...

You are all going to have such a fabulous Christmas! Even with such different sleeping patterns - that really made me smile.

mckinkle said...


What a gorgeous catch up Ive had, your photos are wonderful to see!

I love the Alpha bags that youve made, how stunning do they look and what fun will be had for a long long time with those!

Santa's new hat is just the perfect fit!

I definitely feel that Lexi is looking so much like her Mummy, Im probably the last person to see this as usually I dont see resemblances in young ones! And her adorable reindeer cousins was just a priceless photo!

Have a happy week,
Keryn x

Kate said...

Love your little elves! I haven't been able to see the twin great-nephews for a couple of weeks as we have had chickenpox here and all of the family are avoiding us ;(

** Kate **

Carol said...

Yes, your tree is just perfect.
How lovely to have a house full of elves. What beautiful little ones.
Carol xx

Karen said...

Awe...aren't they growing up fast! Bless them x

Angela (Toucan Scraps) said...

awwwwww beautiful children. and a very pretty tree too