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Thursday, 10 February 2011

Perfect little treasures...

I was one of the lucky three to leave a comment on Jennie's blog for the Pay it Forward fun.  For this I had to promise to send a little gift to the first three that left comments on my Pay it Forward which of course I was really happy to do so.  It is such a lovely way of spreading a little love around the world [one of my gifts was posted to USA....the world is a smaller place eh?].

Yesterday morning my postman carefully carried a little box marked FRAGILE to my door and inside was the most gorgeous little jar that Jennie had made into a pin cushion for me.  She had also filled the jar with the most special little treasures.  My first challenge was to open the jar [arthritic hands just don't grip as well as they used to]  :-)
This is one very determined little critter and I am rarely beat so off came the top and I started ooing and awwing at all the beads, buttons, sequins etc etc I have snapped it all to show you......

The beautiful little pin cushioned jar is just 4 " high but Jennie has managed to get so many lovely little treasures in it and she sent it with a really pretty hand made card.

I've sorted and snapped all the little treasures for you too.....

Purple bows / flowers and hearts

Green beads

Little flower / stars / hearts / butterfly beads


Turquoise beads

Pink beads

Felted balls and little wooden beads


A gorgeous bronze silk rod

Yes folks, I really did sit down and sort out all the little treasures....then I put them all back in the little jar together to oooh and aww over for a while longer  :-)

Thank you Jennie for taking the time to make my gorgeous little pin cuchioned jar and for filling it with such special little treasures.  You couldn't have got it more right.  You really did make my day and you may well see them on up and coming projects....that is when I can bear to part with them [cos of course if I use them I wont have then to oooh and aww over will I?]  :-)  :-)  :-)  :-)


WhingingNinja said...

oh wow what a pretty and thoughtful gift! I love the jar decorated like that so useful!

Jensters said...

Wow what a wonderful post Annie and the picture of how you have set them out is just great....the jar is just the baby foods ones great for the pin cushion and right size to keep things in....so glad you liked it and sorry i did it up to tight! x

Linby said...

oooh how lovely - especially the little felt balls, so cute.

mckinkle said...

What a beautiful gift Annie!

Its so special to get a little unknown treasure in the post!

I love that pin cushion bottle, I cant believe that it was a baby food jar in a previous life!

Keryn x

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Ooh such a lovely lot of goodies in there, love the felt balls :-)
Anne xx
May pop back if I can thinkg of something for your later post, but got a scan running and pages are taking ages to load, so going off to do something else