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Sunday, 14 November 2010

Latest updates at sewing by Annie's...

 When the plasters were taken off the true damage could be seen on my poor hubby's fingers.  Ouch!  Both finger ends have now gone very bruised and swollen.  I think he was very lucky to have had his protective gloves on at the time.

My sewing room floor was like this on Saturday morning.  The carpet was old, worn and dark maroon and made my room look shabby.

The carpet in our living room, up the stairs and the landing was a dark kingfisher blue.


All the old carpets have now been stripped out and new underlay was put down in my sewing room....Yes girls, I really can say I am on cloud nine now when I'm in my sewing room  :-)


Here is the first sight of my new carpets  :-)  My sewing room looks so much bigger now with the lighter carpet.  I love it.  My job for today is to put all my storage boxes and cupboards back and ready for work tomorrow  :-)  I'm so excited.

 For those that enjoy the posh frocks here is a quick update of what we were doing yesterday morning.  We had an appointment at a Wedding dress shop in Wellington and spent over an hour trying on yet more gorgeous dresses  :-)  Lots more ooing and awing but don't think we have still found THE one.  :-) [any excuse for another shopping trip!].


bayou said...

Oh dear! That looks so painful! Sure you give him plenty of TLC to recover soon!
Great new carpet and great bride

Twiglet said...

Aw bless him. That looks painful. Carpets looking good and bride to be obviously having fun!!!

Ann said...

Poor thing. Lots of TLC is needed.
The carpet looks great and does make the room look bigger. I'm sure it'll inspire you to have a clear out and tidy up in your work room too ;)

BumbleVee said...

hugs to your sweetie....

ooooh.... lovely new carpet and a perfect colour not to see every singel thread on..... much better....

Lavinia said...

ooo bloody ell that looks sore!!! Ouch ouch ouch! Have you ever tired Comfrey Cream? You can only get it from health shops normally but it great for bruising & its a natual antibiotic! I used it when I decided to sew my finger in an industrial sewing machine!! I know, it was awful! It worked really well! the cream, alas not my finger so good anymore!! :))Great card toppers you have made!

Julia Dunnit said...

Ow ow ouch ow and ugh, poor Mr Wipso - the pressure under the nail makes the smallest touch hurt like billy oh. Ugh. Am here catching up - love the christmas toppers, they're gorgeous. As for wedding dresses - how do you not cry at each change of dress?!

Ohhh Snap said...

Ouch indeed! Love the new carpet and I'm thinking the 3rd dress is my favorite, though it's difficult to tell from just a photo :D.


Karen said...

ooo your daughter looks lovely! She will know when she finds the 'right' one. My daughter tried her dress on again this weekend & is delighted that its now a bit too big :D

ouch ouch ouch....thank goodness your hubby was wearing the gloves...that looks really nasty, bet its painful.

ooo your new carpet looks amazing & is going to make such a difference to the light in your room XXX

mashy20 said...

Carpet looks fab! Whose feet are they escaing out of the door? hehe! Is that Dad trying to get away?hehe
I like these dress photos! Much better than the last ones! Hope Dad's fingers get better soon xxxx

Suz said...

OUCH!..hope the fingers get better soon...look really painful poor hubby
WOW!..Doesn't the carpet look fab...are yo having a craftroom party to celebrate it's grand opening? hehe
Really looks great and doesn't it make you feel good too?
Loving the bride pics..so much fun you are all having!
Hugs x

MarmaladeRose said...

OOO! Poor hubby! That really looks sore.
Gosh you have been busy with your dollies, the cute ones and the funny one! love em all. x

diney said...

Dresses look gorgeous, carpet will be fab, fingers look bloomin awful - poor Mr W!! Ow! Bet he swore!