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Tuesday, 20 April 2010

What a brilliant Fun Day Monday it was this week...

This is just a very quick blog because I have lots of sewing to catch up with today. I just wanted to say what a brilliant day we had yesterday. Twiglet came down as usual in the morning and we did the cutting of curtains and the quick jobs that had to be done urgently.

We then cleared the decks here and filled our working table [and most of the rest of the room] with wedding inspired fabrics, threads and beads etc. We looked at what we had already made and planned the items we were going to make. We have been asked for a good luck wedding horseshoe so this came top of the list. Our planning and designing took up the rest of the morning so that after lunch we could make a start on the fun bit.

The first thing we did after lunch was to invite our lovely friend Paula to join in our fun :-) We have both set up web cams in our craft rooms so she can join in our fun. Our other friend T joined us around 2 o clock and the 4 of us had a brilliant afternoon of fun and crafting. Isn't modern technology a wonderful thing? Paula sat dumfing a little bear [well, that's what she said it was hehehe only joking Paula :-) ]. Our friend T beaded up a beautiful red brooch she had dumfed earlier and Twiglet and I set to to dumf embellishments for horseshoes.

Here's to many more fun days in the future :-)


Toucan Scraps said...

a webcam craft session - now that is something else!

glad you had a great day

Julia Dunnit said...

Sounds fab. Web cam craft circle -you'll be getting the 'coven' accusation that I get over WOYWW from a certain husband!!

Paula Gale said...

it was brill and brought on some giggles - interaction for me was brilliant and of course you and Twiglet made me feel like it was a weekly occurance for me and that i'd join in before... i love the technology that enabled us to do it - the down side was that you witnessed some of my expletives when i tried to reach down for something - which was also funny (in a way)!!!!

Hope we can do it again - soon!!!

I recon that it was the fabbiest idea - and Julia - maybe those who can for WOYWW - should!!! My SKYPE address is at the top of my blog if anyone would like to communicate...

Paula x x x

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Ooh it all sounds good fun ;)
Anne xx

Handmade with Love said...

Wow that sounds like a fun day! The wonders of tehnology eh! Glad you had fun. Tracey x

Friko said...

I never thought dumfing could be so much fun.

Don't you two ever get tired of needlework? Silly question, of course, they don't!
happy stitching, girls.

SueH said...

Oooo, the webcam session sounds a great idea ……I’m glad you all had fun.

Can’t wait to see these horseshoes, are they something that I might know about (wink)


Ikki said...

Sounds like fun. Await with interest your horseshoes. ikki x