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Tuesday, 6 April 2010

My Easter break...

It's been a lovely 4 day break from work. Starting with the theatre and gaining a blog award on the way. I must admit I did sneak in here on Friday morning and do some sewing because hubby had to go into work and what else would I do? [especially with jobs still waiting on my' to do' rail]. So yes I am guilty of that :-) Plus while my sewing room wasn't going to be disturbed by customers I did give it a good dust through and clean...I tend to make a lot of lint/dust with all the fabrics I work with.

I have spent my 20 minutes crafting, 'me time' knitting. [I know, I know, but I can't just sit watching the telly.] I find it difficult now to knit large items with my arthritis, so have to be sensible, but I am really enjoying knitting squares. It's a pattern I've used many times and no longer need a pattern so I find it very relaxing. The little squares are knitted diagonally from corner to corner so aren't boring to knit either. I will be joining them up to make a baby's blanket at some point, but as yet I have lots more to knit as I have only made 18 and they are only just over 4"square [in 4 ply].

I was joined by Twiglet yesterday afternoon while the men were watching Shrewsbury Town lose at football again. We put together a list of all the bloggers who have made suggestions for the Wedding Bridal challenge with the suggestions they made and are planning to announce the 3 winners next Monday so if you want to be in with a chance you just have a few days left to make your suggestions.

We also emptied one of my bags of dumfable materials out on my table looking for inspiration for my next project. What gorgeous colours eh? I think I will be making a picture with hydrangeas on next so watch this space :-)

Of course dumfing won't be on the cards for me today....I have already had 4 phone calls, one customer with sewing and my elderly neighbour is on her way round as I type needing a little TLC and reassurance :-)


Gez said...

Good Morning Wipso. :) It sounds like you've had a lovely weekend. Had to frown at your tidying up but sometimes needs must! Can't wait to see your hydrangeas pic. Sorry to hear the men folk didn't have a good time at the football match. Our local team got beat yesterday too so hubby came home with a long face!
I love those little squares you've been knitting... I've got the same pattern & love it! I have a chunky pattern for a baby blanket if you would like it any time I'm a bit the same with that one... I've knit it 14 times & don't need to look at the pattern & it knits up quickly in chunky. Gosh, I'm rambling!! hehe... Have a great day. Gez.xx
Oooh looking forward to seeing the bridal suggestion winners.xx

Toucan Scraps said...

glad you had a break. the blanket will be gorgeous and those wonderful fabric colours will make pretty flowers

Julia Dunnit said...

Morning Annie! You're off to a racing start! Glad you've had a good long weekend off; it's as important as what you do - breaking the cycle. The hydrangea idea is a goodie, will watch with interest as always!

Chrissie said...

Fab, delicate squares and lovely dumfing colours, I'll certainly watch this space!
Thanks for the welcome back Annie!

mckinkle said...

Glad you had a lovely break Annie, your next adventure looks set to be a success too based on those gorgeous colours!

Lovely little squares, they will be super when all done!

Keryn x

Twiglet said...

Hope you find time to order your storage for that gorgeous fabric - or have you used it all already?!!!

Linby said...

You've got some lovely colours of materials there, hydrangeas sounds good with those mauvey blues you have. What about some big marigolds with that orange I can see? Or Lazy susans with big black centres.....Oooh getting carried away now.

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

The littel squares are beautiful Annie; know what you mean about the arthritis as I have it mainly in my right thumb and it gets painful when I do needle-felting. Ooh love all those colours :)
I've got a little something for you on my blog ;)

Kaz said...

Oh those colours are fab I can't wait to see what lovelies you come up with! xx

Jensters said...

Wow the colours look so scrummy....cant wait to see what you come up with.

Calico Kate said...

Pretty knitting Wipso. I'm hooked on knitting egg cosies at the moment. Can just about manage to do two a night if Im not making the stripy! Am trying to knit and read blogs at the same time - not altogether successfully!