Friday, 12 January 2018

This week's smiles.....week 254

Another week has flown by....and I've had lots to smile about.  I have a few pics to share with you of course so here you go....

Some of our family got together last weekend and I really love this photo they sent me....they all get on so well together.

Part of their meal was a sharing ice cream but I just love the look on little Theo's face when it was put in front of him........'have I got to eat it all mymmy?'
You will guess that I have many boxes filled with fabric but when I need something for a special job I can always guarantee that there is never enough to make what I have in mind and this week has been one of those of course I had to order more!  Here is the parcel that arrived but of course I now have a big problem!!!
Which do I use first....or do I spend some time stroking it first?......I will add that I have already taken my scissors to some of it but will share my makes on my Wednesday post.

There you go......just some of my smiles that I can share with you.  Please leave me a little hello comment so I know you've called in and if you can please also link up to your own smiles below.
Many thanks to those who join in each week.
Annie x


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Your family looks so happy, and Theo looks so worried. That ice cream looks bigger than his head!

From the looks of that fabric, it appears spring is on its way, at least in your craft room. Have a fabulous Friday and a splendid weekend, dear Annie.

Catriona said...

I will not buy fabric(repeat to self all day) until I have finished the decluttering and finished all the WIPs. Lovely
photo of some of the grandees-Theo is really like his Dad I think. It is lovely when families enjoy spending time together, and I miss my now grown up nephew and niece who live in the States. Happy sewing with all your lovely new fabric. Catriona

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Hi Annie that ice cream looks familiar, I'm wondering if it's the same company as I've seen it in some of the pub restaurants near us. It's lovely to see them all getting on so well and little Theo's face is priceless. I have decided that one of my new year resolutions is to use more of my fabrics in the crafting. It is nine year now since I retired though I can hardly believe it so it's unlikely that I will go back to teaching (though there are rumours that there is a shortage of teachers!) Anyhow! I am determined to try and clear the loft where all the sewing stuff is kept so I may soon be having some fabric fun again, we shall have to see. Have a lovely weekend, Angela xXx

Lisca said...

Oh what a lovely photo of the family getting together! Perhaps it was when they went to the bear factory. (There are a few bears in the picture) Yes, I have been reading your blogs back wards as I am so behind. I spent a happy half hour reading all those posts that i missed. I see you still do WOYWW. I suppose I could do that too now I have started crafting again, but they are so many, it will take me all day to comment....
I love that photo of Theo contemplating that huge dessert.
And I love the fabric. More dolls clothes?
Great that you had a Christmas jigsaw. Is it a different one every year? Or the same? As you can see on my photo of my desk, there is a bit of jigsaw visible. I haven't taken it to pieces yet.
Have a lovely weekend and week ahead,

Elizabeth said...

Hi Annie, all great photos this week but the one that steals the show is of Theo and the giant ice cream ... his wee face is a picture! And of course I can only empathise with you and your fabric problem. I've been going through all my yarn stash looking for just the right colours/plies to knit tiny creatures and finding very little that will do. I'm afraid a trip to the shops is on the cards - such a tragedy :) Have a wonderful weekend. Hugs, Ellie xx

Twiglet said...

Oh such a fab smiley photo of the grandkids! xx Jo

mamapez5 said...

I had to smile at little Theo with that enormous ice-cream. I hope he enjoyed his share.
I am sure you feel about your fabris odr i9n the same way as I feel about new wool. I love it when a parcel comes. (I must admit I am a paper stroker too and have it look at it for a while before I can bear to cut into it!).
Have a great weekend. Kate x