Friday, 14 July 2017

This week's smiles.....week 229

What a lovely week it's been.  Many thanks to all who joined in the fun last week.  It's so lovely to share all your happy moments captured in your photos.

It's been another week of smiles here for us mostly around our gorgeous grandchildren so here's a few pics I can share....

Little Theo just loves water and here he is having the time of his life at the local splash play park.

He popped to see me on Wednesday to show me how fast he can crawl now and what a clever boy he is pulling himself up on Nanny's table....they grow up just too quickly!

On Sunday Lexi had a day of competitions with the Gymnastics club she belongs to so we had Sam for the day.  This first thing he did was to climb into Milly's cage to tease his mummy that that was where we were going to put him for the day.

We actually had a few surprises planned for him.  We had booked tickets to go for a ride on the Welshpool to Llanfair steam train and his other surprise was that Amy, her hubby and their three had booked to come with us.  They all love spending time together and we all enjoyed the train ride and picnic lunch we had taken with us.

When we got back home neither of Sam's parents had got back so Grandad got down on the floor and enjoy special play time with Sam and the technic lego.....I'm not sure who enjoyed it most.

When Lexi returned with her mummy she very proudly showed us her medals....she had been awarded a 2nd in her tumble routine and 3rd in the group floor proud of you Lexi.

The last pics I've got to show you today is this one of Milly.  As you can see we are watching the tennis on the telly but Milly is much more interested in her bird watching on the bird feeders just outside the window.  I'd like to think she just loved birds but I have a feeling her love is more of the 'catch them and eat them' variety.

Just look at my orchids on the windowsill too....they are just gorgeous and so far are really thriving for me.

There you go.  I've lots of smiles to share today as you can see.  We are truly blessed to have such a wonderful family all living so close to us and really love sharing every stage in their lives and little Milly never fails to make us chuckle.  Hope you're smiling too now.
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Annie x


Lisca said...

What a lovely post! So chockerbloc full of smiles!
I smiles at Tom pretending to be put ina cage and then Reading you took him on such a great outing.
Lovely Lexi with her medals. Well done Lexi!
We are all big kids when it comes to Lego.I remember me an my brother in law spent an afternoon on the floor by a pile of Lego searching systematically for that one Little elusive piece.
I love your orchids! And had to smile at Millie and her cupboard love for birds...
Have a lovely weekend,
Keep smiling!

Elizabeth said...

Hi Annie, I'm glad to see we've both had much to smile about this week. Your grandchildren are really thriving and doing so well - it's a joy to see. We've been glued to the screen too - tennis has that affect on us! Milly is such a cutie. I suspect that she's just chase them away rather than catch them to eat. Wishing you a wonderful weekend. Hugs, Ellie xx

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Hi Annie, lovely photos today. The children are doing well and little Leo is so cute. I think Milly is probably like Maisie and Stan they would like to have the door open all day so they can pop in and out whenever they like! Lovely Orchids too, I so love them. Have a great weekend, Angela xXx

mamapez5 said...

What a lovely set of photos. The splash pool is obviously a big hit with little people. It sounds as though Sam had a wonderful day with you on Sunday. My Ben was a gymnast for many years. Their competitions were always on a Sunday! I still have an ancient video of his first club competition, and we often have a laugh over it, but those first medals are so important to them.
I don't really watch the tennis, bu siestas needing to be indoors for much of this week, I have seen some this year. But i agree with Milly - I'd rather be watching the birds outside. Kate xx

Twiglet said...

I missed these smiles yesterday with my afternoon trip to the hospital! Fab post Annie - so much to be happy about.xx Jo