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Friday, 13 May 2016

This week's smiles.....week 169

Hello all.  There were some lovely shared smiles last week and I thank all of you who took the time to share your happy posts.  I am featuring Jo's post from last week with the gorgeous quilt she made from what she describes as scraps.....wow what an amazing use of what some folk would throw away.  Thanks for sharing it with us Jo.

I have several pics of things that have made me smile this week first of which just has to be the new header pic on my blog ......isn't it stunning?

[be warned that the last pic I'm sharing is rather graphic so I will understand if you don't get that far].

My latest wool has made me smile....our son and his wife found out the sex of the baby they are expecting in September last weekend and they treated me to this wool to celebrate :-)

Our eldest daughter treated me to an afternoon tea at some point with a friend as my mother's day gift.....I decided I would take my best friend, my hubby and we really enjoyed our treat last weekend....thanks Shell it was really yummy.

The twins have been making the best of the sunshine we have been having this week and have been playing in their paddling pool.  It looks fun doesn't it?

Look away now if you're squeamish.......

I have to say that we didn't do much smiling when Shell's kitten was found one morning last week with what we think had been injuries from being hit by a car but we are all thrilled that even though it resulted in him having to have one of his back legs removed he is now making a really good recovery and I'm certain he will manage perfectly well with just three legs..... he has his stitches out today so should lose his collar of shame too.

That's all from me for this week.  We are going to visit our little puppy Milly this weekend so you may well see a pic or two of her next week. :-)
Please leave me a little message to say you've called by and link your own smiles below and I will pop over to yours to share your smiles as soon as I can.
Annie x


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I noticed the header right off the bat. I kept thinking it had been so long you changed it. Then I learned I wasn't that far behind.

Your daughter knew how to spoil you. I miss that ritual with my grandmother who always stopped at 4 every day to enjoy either coffee or tea. Your lovely tea was perfect with both the sandwiches and the cakes. High tea indeed, and a beautiful and thoughtful Mother's Day gift.

OMGosh. Monty looks horrible. That just reinforces my desire to keep both my "boys" inside for the rest of their lives. Now that Bleubeard is older, he doesn't ask to go out anymore, and Squiggles has never been outside, except in his carrier. Please pass my good wishes for Monty's safe recovery on to Shell! And have a beautiful Friday and wonderful weekend.

Sorry I got a bit windy today. But nearly everything and every minute about Wednesday made me smile!

Lynn Holland said...

I love the new header too, it's beautiful. I've noticed white bluebells in our garden this year, don't know where they've come from.
Poor Monty how horrific even though he will be fine. Animals are very resilient aren't they.
You've had a very nice week by the looks of things Annie.
I'm looking forward to the pics of Milly. How exciting.
Lynn xx

Lisca said...

.I noticed the header immediately. Gone with the yellow and now the beautiful red flowers. Love it!
So your next grandchild is going to be a boy. Congratulations! What will you make with thast wool?
Poor kitty! But he seems to be recovering splendidly. Yes, I have seen cats with three legs and they manage great.
What a lovely present to go and have high tea. The cakes look yummy.
I'm so glad you guys have had such lovely weather recently. Of course here in Spain it has been awful! Rain and storms etc. This morning again it is p...ing down again. The land needs the rain though and the farmers are happy, the aquafers will fill up again and everybody (well, most people) will be happy.
We have Danish neighbours who use their house as a holiday home. They arrived this week and have had nothing but rain, while in Denmark they are enjoying a heatwave! So sad.
Have a good week,

Twiglet said...

Beautiful header pic Annie! What a tea-time treat for you both too - a real feast! x Jo

tricia said...

Shellys cat will be fine on 3 legs, Anniesland. Our little cat, Cassie took to it really well after having the same one off cos of a tumour. She could still climb the 6 ft high fence at the back of the garden and bring us the odd 1/2 eaten rabbit and the live mice. She was 13 when she had it done. Still enjoying reading you blog even though I don't have mine any more. Xx

tricia said...

Sorry for the predictive text, Annie. Xx

tricia said...

Sorry for the predictive text, Annie. Xx

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Hi Annie, lots to smile about here, good job cats have nine lives. Scrummy looking tea there and your two looked as though they were having a good time also. Take care and have a great weekend, Angela x

Laura said...

So sorry for Monty - but they can do just as well with three legs as others have said.
The afternoon tea looks scrumptious!

Barb said...

HI Annie, I'm back again after a week's blogbreak. Your new header looks stunning - lovely and bright and ready for summer. The little grandies seem to be having lots of fun in the sun.

How sad about Shell's poor cat. Animals seem to be remarkably resilient. I hope he'll soon be running about again.

So you heard "It's a Boy". I look forward to seeing what you make with your lovely blue wool.
Your tea looked absolutely yummy. I'm glad you had a good time with your best friend and Hubby. Barbxx

Elizabeth said...

Oh Annie, how awful for the kitten. I can't understand how any driver can do that and leave the poor wee thing to suffer! And so sad that he lost a leg though, as you say, he will probably manage very well without it. He's a wee beauty. I hope he's up and climbing again soon. What a lovely way your son & DIL chose to tell you it's a boy. You'll enjoy knitting up that lovely blue yarn. Lovely present from Shell, that afternoon tea looks scrumptious. It's turned a bit cooler here today so if that was our summer we've had it. Fingers crossed it wasn't and it will brighten up again soon. Have a great weekend.
Ellie xx

mamapez5 said...

A beautiful new header Annie, though I shall miss the daffodils! I am sorry about Monty. We were amazed at how well our previous dog managed without one leg, so I am sure Monty will be fine.
I like the blue wool gift as a way of announcing "It's a boy". Plenty of time to make something lovely with it.
Your high tea looks splendid. What a thoughtful gift.
Have a happy week. hugs Kate x

Neet said...

Oh Annie, I am so sorry to hear about the poor little puss. It must have been a very harrowing time for Shell, just so glad the kitten could be saved and I wish it well on its three legs. Amazing how they adapt and as it is young I should imagine it will be fine.
Cannot get over how the twins have grown, amazing and so lovely to see them enjoying the sunshine. As for the two other treats, the cream tea looks gorgeous and the wool will no doubt be made into something before long for the new grandee.
Have a good week
Hugs, Neet xx