Friday, 1 April 2016

This week's smiles....week 163

Hello all.  

Firstly I must say a big sorry for being AWOL last week.  
My excuses?... 
  • Hubby had the day off on Thursday which threw us all out and none of us knew what day of the week it was
  • Our visitors arrived from being full on with carpet fitting, preparing every room etc for their arrival to sitting chilling and enjoying their company we flagged and sleep seemed to take over us all.
  • Of course no one wants to sit on the computer when you have special company
Well there you go but of course most of you didn't really expect me to be here cos you knew just what I'd be doing so all I really have to say is I hope you had loads to smile about over the Easter will guess that we did an awful lot of smiling, laughing, chatting and generally enjoying every minute of the last week .

My collage of pics this week is full of smiles ......

So many reasons to smile and all I am going to add is thank you for calling in.  Please leave me a little hello comment and link your smiles below so we can all see what's been making your smile this week.
Annie x


Aimeslee Winans said...

Hello Annie! Your floors look super. I got here from WOYWW and this was the first post popped up here is where I will post instead. Your wee ones are just precious, what priceless photos. Come visit when you can and best wishes from Texas, Aimeslee #67

Twiglet said...

Happy happy pics there Annie. x

Laura said...

Oh those Easter bonnets are dead impressive!
Happy Friday x

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

We missed you last week but everyone deserves a day off Lol! Love the pics. Happy April Fools Day. Got to go now to walk dogs, Angela x

Lisca said...

Yes, we missed you Friday, but At the same time most of us knew you were having visitors so you are definitely forgiven! I’m glad you had such a good time.
If the photos are anything to go by, the little ones had a good time too.

Happy April fools day,

Sue Jones said...

Lovely photos Annie. Hope you had a good time with your visitors xx

JoZart Designs said...

Am I the only one who didn't miss you? Heh, he! Only because I was away myself!
Super pics of the Munchkins Easter fun and I especially love the hats in the last one. They look like Ken Dodd's Diddy Men.
Love Jo x

Elizabeth said...

Hello again, Annie, two visits in one evening, you'll be wondering what's up :) Sounds like you had a marvelous time over Easter and the photos are fabulous ... especially that one of the Easter Bunny! Hope you have a lovely weekend. Hugs, Ellie xx

mamapez5 said...

Lovely photos Annie. There are some very cheeky faces there, a very long-suffering cat, and some fantastic Easter bonnets. I am glad you had a good time with friends over the weekend, and got your floors done in time. Keep smiling. Hugs Kate x

Lynn Holland said...

Stopping by late as we've been away xx