Friday, 28 August 2015

This week's smiles....week 134

So, here we are at another Friday when I share my smiles and many of you link up your smiles to make the world a happier place.  Smiles really are contagious :-)

Thank you to those that joined in last's really appreciated.  I am featuring something that made me smile....mostly because I didn't see exactly what was in the photo to start with.  Barb shared a photo of two Oxford taxis with scientific charts on the sides....that in itself made me smile but even more so because initially I saw tape measures along their sides....can you see it or is it just me?  Thanks for joining in the fun Barb....keep those smiles coming please.

My smiles today are of course many.  I'm surrounded by bricks, building supplies, mess and dust....and yes, I'm still smiling.  :-)  I am constantly snapping pics of the developments and here's a couple that have made me chuckle...

Ready for surgery?  Afraid not.  It's just my darling hubby dressed up ready to go in the attic with the fibreglass insulation .  The kids said he looked like something out of a horror movie :-)

This was my new sewing room first thing yesterday morning.  Do you like my new assault course?  Not sure what my customers will think of it  :-)

Our builder was all set up to skim the ceiling with plaster.  Walls to plaster next then new floor will go down and [dare I say it?] it will be nearly ready for completion  :-) :-) :-)

Wednesday saw delivery of more building supplies...bricks, sand, floor boarding etc etc

I'm just like a child when cranes are being used.  I stood out there, camera in hand, watching it all.  Yes we now look like we are living on a builders yard but who cares.....I just want to watch all these piles reducing as they use it all now. :-)

Of course I have had lots of smiles from my grandees lately and these were some pics Amy sent me of a fun day all five of them had together while Shell and Brent were at a wedding.  I get such a thrill seeing them all playing together and there really is nowhere better than Amy's for children to grow up.

I hope you've enjoyed sharing my smiles and will now link yours up below.
Annie x


Robyn Oliver said...

Hi Annie....oooowowwwowowowo the building is happening, so quickly too. I would be just like you - out looking and checking and snapping pics, I'm so happy for you. And just super photos of the grandies - it's wonderful they get to see each other and spending time as cousins. - Have an amazing weekend - do the builders rest on the weekends??? Hugs Robyn

Helen said...

Loved Barb's photo - definitely looked like tape measures to me!! Your sewing room is coming along nicely now.

Twiglet said...

Can't wait to see it all! Lovely day for it today too. x Jo

Hettie said...

Gosh that is all coming along it isn't quite quick enough for you.
Happy Friday. Looking forward to a day of sewing on Monday.

Robyn Oliver said...

About our move. We own this home and our son has been house sitting for us and as he has no special lady in his life (yet) he is welcome to live with us. But as he has a house full on furniture and ours has been travelling about the country with we have to thinned down as we have two of everything. Now this won't happen until our renovations are complete - sigh - I had hoped this would have been started and nearing completion by now but no we only have plans, so I'm trying not to get mad and just realize they will happen and until then our gear is going into storage (under the house) and then when it's all done we'll sort it all out and it'll feel like our place again. Because we've been visiting lots over the last 2 years it still feels like we're visiting now - hope you understand all that. Today I had to sort and restack the pantry and so I was on a roll and did all the kitchen cupboards..changed then all about so we'll see what our son thinks when he gets home. Stay turned I'll be taking pics when it all starts to happen

JoZart Designs said...

It's all so very exciting and will be fabulous when finished. You deserve it after all the hassle you had over your move. Will be back later for a proper look but we've got to rush out for a while! Laters!
Jo x

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Ahhh Annie, lovely indeed to see progress is being made for you in your sewing room, it's been a long path from when you first thought to move some time back now.
Love images of hubby in his gladiator gear, and grandees altogether esp the one where they pose on the fence,
Love Shaz in Oz.x
ps I did have a funny to post but couldn't trace it when post time came, so used birds instead. Typical. Should've saved it to Pinterest.. :)

Laura said...

Good to see the house moving forward (or should that be building work, I'd be alarmed to see the house moving!)
Goodness your little ones are gorgeous! :)

Julia Dunnit said...

Goshit changes exponentially every time I turn around! You'll be in and sewing so soon, that's very exciting!

Sue Jones said...

oo Its all very exciting especially if you can start to move things in soon! Have a great week .Soojay 8

JoZart Designs said...

Love the fun day with the Munchkins especially the one on the gate. Priceless!
I'm off to Germany at the weekend as out little Fraulein starts school (the start at 6 there) and there are great celebrations so last year we were told not to miss it. A church service, entertainment from the older children and then we all go out for a family too and DD has made one of those long paper cones to fill with pencils, rubbers, sweeties etc.
Enjoy the Bank Holiday and I expect that building to be all sorted by my return!
Jo x

Lisca said...

I'm sure I commented first thing this morning, but it's gone! And I can't quite remember what i wrote...
It must have something like that I know how you feel and I also get excited when a big lorry arrives with building goodies. Another step further. Yes, I have a husband in the same attire. Yesterday he had something over his head (for the sun) and he looked like Darth Vader!
Thanks for commenting already,
Have a good week, See you soon,

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Oh Annie, I'm so happy for you with that new addition, but I also am glad it is not me cleaning up a mess each day until it is done. Lots of work with remodel jobs.
I always envy you with all the time you have with your grandkids...but so much enjoy the fun things you get to share with them.
Have a great weekend. And thanks for hosting the Friday Smiles.

Barb said...

Your hubby certainly looks as if he means business Annie. The children seem to be enjoying the adventure. I bet you're getting excited now about your new sewing room. Barbxx

mamapez5 said...

I know what you mean about Barb´s taxi, Annie. I can see why you saw a tape measure - I guess it´s the sewer in you. Being more of a maths and science person myself, I did see the periodic table.
I love how your room is coming along. They are certainly getting on with the building well. How very exciting. I did, of course, see those photos of the children on Facebook, and they are wonderful. Memories to treasure. Kate x

Lynn Holland said...

You are getting there. Xxx