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Wednesday, 19 June 2013


The time flies so quickly at the mo.  It only seems like 5 mins since I was writing my Wed post for last week.
I am still getting wonderful ATCs through my post box and am still expecting more to arrive as yet....some of my swaps couldn't make theirs straight away and it's really lovely to keep getting little surprises through my door when I least expect them  :-)

These are the latest ones I've had....

29.Ros C
31.Nan G

Thanks so much ladies.....each one is made to beautifully and they are all very special to me.

Some of you asked what I was going to do to make a tissue cover for Phoebe to take to school so here is the finished result.....she loved it and is so excited gathering all the things she needs to get ready for school.  She has a very special pink toy cat that she has always carried around with her since she was a baby and was thrilled to bits to see the little cat on her school name labels.

This little garden gnome was one of the gifts my hubby had from Phoebe, Lulu and Steve for Father's day on Sunday.....they said it looked rather like Granddad!  :-)

We inherited a very old garden gnome from my Dad  when we moved in here and usually every couple of years I give him a new coat of paint to spruce him up.  Of course when the new gnome arrived little Albert was feeling rather shabby and neglected so this week I sat him on some newspaper on the breakfast bar in the kitchen and got out my acrylic paints, brushes etc and I got to work

......see I don't just play with fabrics!  :-)

Here you can see little Albert feeling rather proud of his new coat of paint.  He will never be perfect because he is a very old garden gnome but he will always be rather special to me.  :-)

I am just going to finish off with a collage I've made of some of the treasures from our garden at the mo.  Don't you just love nature?

I have a rail full of sewing waiting to be done today.....lots came in Monday while Jo and I were having munchkin fun time.....I'm so grateful to Jo at the mo for all the extra help she is giving me with the twins....she helps me on the extra twinnie days so I can keep the shop open cos believe me when I say the extra pair of hands is needed to do all I try to do at the mo  :-)  No twins today so I will be head down sewing all day but they will be back for more fun tomorrow [and so will Jo].
....Love you Jo xxxx

Thanks for calling by today.  If you leave me a little hello comment I will pay you a return visit when I get a minute. 

Annie x


Twiglet said...

We all love little Albert! Love the garden collage too. x Jo

Jackie said...

You seem so busy..... Love the garden collage ... Lots of ATC's still arriving how nice!

Lunch Lady Jan said...

My village had new gates installed at each entrance recently, just white picket fences to be a visual reminder for drivers to slow down. Within 30 mins of completion, some wag had installed garden gnomes at each point! They're fab and makes us laugh...Hettie enjoyed. Them when she came for the crop too!! Your sunbathing one is hilarious and Albert looks a fine vintage indeed!
Hugs, LLJ 43 xx

Lynn Holland said...

Couldn't keep out of our garden yesterday with my camera.
You can see the results here

Pearly Queen said...

I wonder if the French do garden gnomes - I've heard of the Gnomes of Zurich...


Anne said...

Hello Annie loving the gnomes and what a good job you did with Albert. Your garden collage looks so lovely- what a pretty garden you must have. I do envy you being so close to your sister in more ways than one. Both of mine live some distance away and one of them usually tries to make life more difficult for me (sigh)I have tried hard with her over the years but have to accept now that we will never have the relationship you and Jo have, Happy WOYWW Anne x #65

Julie Ann Lee said...

That tissue box is so pretty. It's such a lovely idea. And gnomes - I love 'em! My friend's sister used to make ceramic ones at pottery classes and they were so cute. Thank you for sharing that lovely garden collage too. Julie Ann xxx#65

Helen said...

Your garden looks fabulous - not sure how you find the time to look after that as well!! Albert's new clothes really suit him. Enjoy today.... Helen 31

Redanne said...

Gnomes seem to be making a huge comeback after the Chelsea Flower Show so Albert is in perfect company with his new clothes! Love your Wisteria arch, it is stunning, ours is flowering better this year than ever before. You are so right - nature is such a wonderful thing! Happy WOYWW, Hugs, Anne x #51

JoZart said...

Super post Jo ! Isn't the Wisteria late this year? It is always out by Mid May for DD2s anniversary as I remember it was all around the door in her wedding pics.
Your gnomes are super... I've got one too! I secretly put one in my friend's front garden and used to keep moving it or putting it on her door step. She still doesn't know it was me after about 10 years!!!
Jo x

JoZart said...

Sorry Annie ! got you two mixed up again! Jo x

Neet said...

Just commented on sis's blog and thought it was you. Sorry I muddled the two of you. Must be in the water as I see Jozart did something similar.
Thanks for sharing the gnomes. What a superb Fathers Day gift - love it and Little Albert looks so fine in his new clothes. Glad he got his beard washed and combed!
Thanks too for the garden photos - people should be coming to view whilst it is like this.
Thanks for visiting me earlier - Hugs, Neet xx 16

fairy thoughts said...

Great gnomes we have an old inherited one very similar called Archibald. When Erin noticed him he had to have a make over too hehe
Janet @42

Angelfish said...

I always enjoy your garden pictures Annie, but the gnomes are topping them this week. Cute xx

Fiona #60

Helen said...

Hi Annie I dont know where you find the time! It is no wonder the week whizzed past for you. How wonderful to have your sisters support. You have a beautiful garden for your gnomes to live in. Happy WOYWW to you from Helen 78

sandra de said...

I am always amazed at how much you can fit into a week. Love both gnomes and lovely to see you have broken out into mixed media. Enjoy your week in your beautiful garden.
Sandra @105

voodoo vixen said...

Love the tissue cover, Annie, nothing like something personal to make you feel special, and the gnomes are fab! Gorgeous pics of your garden, it must be looking a fine picture right now... need some viewings!! Happy WOYWW from Annette #9

jill said...

You Garden is bllooming lovely.
Doesn't Albert looks great with his new coat of paint. Happy woyww Jill #64

Angela Coles said...

you have a beautiful garden, and I'm sure the new gnome will feel really at home there.
Lovely tissue case for you princess.

Ria Gall said...

Hi Annie
I love the little tissue holder and can understand why it was loved so much and I had a chuckle at the garden gnome how cute
Have a great WOYWW and enjoy the rest of your week
Ria #47

The Taming of the Glue said...

That garden gnome is just so funny...I've got an OH just like him! Hope Albert isn't too put out by the intruder! Love the tissue covers. Hugs. Pam#38

Julia Dunnit said...

ah, where would we be without our sweet sisters..I've just finished talking to mine..she's done some rushing bout checking on poorly parents this week when i haven't been able to,. Family..so important. LOVE the oics of your beautiful garden, it does the heart good.

Caro said...

The gnomes are great and your garden is looking gorgeous at the moment. Thanks for sharing. Happy WOYWW. Caro x (#137)

Anne said...

Those gnomes are fun! Love your garden collage, simply beautiful!

KatzElbows said...

Love the collage. It's absolutely beautiful. Wisteria is such a magical plant. The trunk is as beautiful as the flower itself.

Thanks so much for stopping by.

Happy WOYWW.
Cheers, Rachel #57

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Annie,

So glad my ATC made it to you! I must say, I do love the gnome your husband received! He's adorable.

Your garden is beautiful - he'll fell right at home there, I'm sure.

I'm not participating this week but wanted to pop in to visit.


mamapez5 said...

What a beautiful garden. Mine is nice too but the colours are much harsher out here. I had wisteria on my house in UK and it is so pretty.
You must have made loads of ATCs, and you have had such beautiful ones in return.
Believe it or not, I am diabetic too. I take tablets twice a day, but I haven't eliminated sugar completely from my diet and I am still stable. So I did eat a couple of my cookies! The main things to cut out are chocolate and ready made jars of cooking source. I couldn't give up fruit altogether, but apparently it is grapes and bananas that have to be avoided. I think if you don't enjoy food then there is no point in eating it, so don't loose all the fun! Treat yourself just a little now and then. (I know you have to be careful if they are still assessing you and stabilising your medication, but diabetes is usually manageable if you just eat sensibly!)
Have a good week. Kate x #45

Kezzy said...

Wow Annie I bet she is over the moon with her tissue cover its so pretty. The gnomes are Awesome, both of them are so cute lol. The lovely ATCs you receive are amazing, I bet its lovely having little surprises through the post. Sisters are fab aren't they? Happy Woyww :-), lots of hugs Kezzy xxxxx

RosC said...

Hi Annie,

I'm pleased the little package arrived safely. Glad you like the ATCs, and I will be putting yours on the blog as soon as I can. At the moment, I'm confined to the iPad and it's not conducive to photographic posts.

The Granddad gnome is such a trick, and I do like the spring photo collection. Lovely wisteria reminds me of my Great Aunts' place in Adelaide.


Nan G said...

Love the gnomes! Cute little tissue cover and I love the additional ATCs you've received. :) Happy WOYWW! Nan G #3

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I had to laugh at those garden gnomes. I've never seen one in person. Apparently they aren't as popular in the States.

That kitty on Phoebe's tissue cover is adorable. And because it's still Wednesday in my part of the world, have a super WOYWW from #17.

Sue from Oregon said...

Both your little garden gnomes are so fun!!! Love that you remade Albert! So handsome now! Happy WOYWW! ♥ Sue Kment

SueH said...

Looks like you’ve had a very busy week as always Annie.
Seeing your Gnome has reminded me that I have some painting to do too. My brother Keith still has my dad’s cricket team in the garden who could really do with a spruce up. That’s five 18 inch figures!...Oh, and there’s Bill and Benn two.
Thanks for stopping by this week.
Happy Crafting!

Laura said...

What a collection of ATC's