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Wednesday, 24 October 2012


I'm glad you've called in cos I have something to share with you.

It was my birthday yesterday and I would really love it if you would all enjoy a glass with me to celebrate.

I have put a few pics below of the cards I've been making this week.

I finished off and mounted the little Christmas trees you saw last week to make one batch of cards and then set to to design a few more....

I had an idea in mind so I made a pattern first....can you see what it is yet?

I cut the bodies out from some brown woollen fabric I'd cut off when shortening the hem on a skirt...waste not want not eh? Then I cut out bright red hearts and bond a webbed them to the fronts.

I mounted these on some ivory linen fabric thet I picked up from the card boot sale a few weeks back....another bargain

A bit of machine embroidery later.....

...A yellow beak, white eyelets and black seeding beads for eyes and hey presto...

...that's another 10 cards made  :-)

I now struggle to hand write my Christmas cards because of my arthritis but I do my best to hand make them all to make up for it.  :-)

I hope you've enjoyed a glass of wine with me today and enjoyed seeing my first 2 batches of Christmas cards.  The other thing I thought you'd like to see was a little of the magic of nature this week.

Jack frost had been out dusting the cobwebs that the friendly spiders had spun.....magical or what?

Have a great week.  Leave me a little message and I will do my best to call by to say hello.....hic hic
Annie x


Paula Gale said...

Hi Annie

Glad you had a nice day yesterday - I'll just have a sip of wine because of my meds - but will join you for a glass of pepsi - which is my poison these days. Good job I got my quota in a few years ago eh? lol

LOVE LOVE LOVE those robin cards - great to see the pics of them in progress too. And the tree cards turned out a treat too.

Oh don't the cobwebs show up lovely this time of year - wonder if that's why they are synonymous with Halloween - because they show up more about this time?? Anyway - great pics. Some on our wheeliebin the other day - hate spiders (wouldn't kill them) but do admire their handy work.

big hugs and HB again for yesterday.

love Paula x x x (get me at #21 this week) lolxx

inkypinkycraft said...

Happy birthday for yesterday!! Ahave fun creating ! Happy woyww trace x 46

KatzElbows said...

I'm having a mimosa, without the orange juice! Thanks for inviting me, it's a lovely way to start the day.

I think your Robin is gorgeous. And if anyone minds you not handwriting their card, then they don't deserve a card from you in the first place!

Happy WOYWW.
cheers, rachel #67

WinnibriggsHouse said...

Happy belated birthday Annie. I would have that drink but I might suffer the wrath of my DD if I was drunk in charge of my grandson today, lol. The cards are wonderful. I too love those robins, so cute. Everywhere you look at this time there are magical images and colour. I do love the Autumn and your cobweb pictures are fab.

Twiglet said...

- thanks for telling me about the pic on my blog - I have sorted it and now it works - I hope!! Hugx Jo

Helen said...

Happy Birthday for yesterday, but it's a little early for wine just yet - I'll come back for mine later! Love the cards - the trees are gorgeous but the robins - oh, I love the robins. Happy WOYWW, Helen 19

Carmen said...

Happy belated birthday :D Can I have my glass of wine in a week or two?

Love those robins, we've got a regular who comes to our bird table lately. Apart from crows and ravens they are my favourite birdy!

Have a lovely week :)

Julia Dunnit said...

Happy returns Miss Annie! A toast to you. Love the robins..specially the heart shaped red breast, how cute and clever, great idea. And as usual, in one session, you've probably made double the number of cards I have since I dragged out my reluctant christmas stash!

KC'sCourt! said...

Happy Birthday for yesterday
Julie xxxxxxxxx

Jackie said...

Happy birthday for yesterday. Your little robins are just gorgeous :)

JoZart said...

Lovely to see the components transform into those cute robins. Hope you had a wonderful birthday, I'm sure you were surrounded by your lovely family. Clocks go back next week so we will feel even more Wintery...love Jo x

Ann B said...

Happy birthday for yesterday Annie - make mine a glass of red (should we really be drinking this early?).
Adorable robins and super cards all round. Love the dew of cobwebs, they looks so beautiful.

Thanks for visiting earlier - the sock looks a bit off to me but I'll wait until it's finished before making final judgement.
Ann B #70

Di said...

Happy Birthday for yesterday Annie - and I just had one little sip - thank you :)

Love those cards, and the robins turned out so cute too!

Happy WOYWW, hugs, Di xx

Angie said...

Firstly ...HAPPY BIRTHDAY for yesterday ...21 was it ????
Great cards ...that robin is soooooo cute.
I love it then the spiders webs are shown up by a light frost or after a misty morn. xx79

Cardarian said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY DEAR ANNIE!!! Wishing you all the best, health happiness and love! May all your wishes come true!
Lovely Christmas cards - I haven't started them yet!
Lots of love and BIIIIIIIG birthday hug!

Kate said...

Happy birthday and love those robins!

** Kate **

MarmaladeRose said...

Happy birthday sweetie.
Aaaaargh no! Not the C word makes! You're far too organised! Lovely robins though teehee!

MiniOwner said...

Happy birhtday to you, happy birthday to you. OK I'll stop singing!I love your little robbins and the cobweb photos are fantastic. Happy Wednesday. :o)
Sue x (MiniOwner @ 88)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting. Happy belated birthday. Love your little robins. Always intend on doing multi cards but never seem to get the right inspiration. Must have been the weather yesterday for spiders webs as I did the same and photographed a few. Magical look.
x Tricia 105

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Happy Birthday, Annie!! I was only after a cuppa, but wine will do nicely, thank you very much....:D

Love the cards, maybe that's something I should think about doing with my scraps! The robins are cute, love the heart shaped red breast!!

Hugs, LLJ #66 xx

Lou said...

Happy birthday for yesterday! Thank you for sharing the wine :)

Those trees and robins are lovely.

Happy WOYWW!

Lou #75

famfa said...

Happy birthday. Cobwebs pics fabulous. Absolutely love your cards. That's what I would like to do but am too new at sewing. Yu have inspired me though to have a to.

Samantha Elliott said...

Don't mind if I do Annie! love a bit of the red stuff....wine... port...bank notes...! Long time since I saw a red bank note in my purse!
Love those Robins. They are sooo cute, and the trees are pretty.
Wow! Haven't you had the piders round? Now get that duster out!

Angela Coles said...

oh wow, love those robins.

And many many happy birthday wishes to you, I hope you are well blessed this week and throughout the year to come.

Elizabeth said...

Hi Annie and many happy returns for your birthday ... I hope you have a lovely celebratory day.

Love your Christmas cards and I did enjoy seeing those robins take shape ... we've both been on a robin thing this week as you can see in my post.

Those spider webs are very apt for this time of the year and that photo is fabulous.

Happy WOYWW, what's left of it, and have a great week. Elizabeth x #114

Jan said...

Happy Birthday! The robin cards really caught my eye-they are cute!

SueH said...

Your little trees are cute Annie but I love the cute Robins…..how sweet are they!

Looks like you’ve had a very busy week indeed and celebratory one too by the sounds of things. Hope you had a wonderful birthday.

Happy Crafting!

Linda D said...

Cheers! Happy Birthday!
I'm not planning on doing any Christmas shopping yet - but I'd find it hard to resist those robins!

jill said...

fab little robins . The only time i like seeing cobwebs is when they have dew on them or ice. Jill #63

Anne said...

Belated birthday greetings Annie and I have raised a glass to you. Your cards are lovely - I've still to start. Happy WOYWW Anne x #146

Fiona@staring at the sea said...

Happy belated Birthday xx
I'm glad I waited 'til this evening to stop by so that I can enjoy a glass of wine. Lunchtime drinking does not seem to agree with me!
Those robins are just adorable, I love them xx

Kezzy said...

Oh Annie happy belated birthday, I can't believe I missed it :-(. Your christmas cards are fab, and the robins are so so cute I love them. I always love looking at cobwebs when Mr Frost has been, they look so amazing, they certainly are creative those spiders lol. I shall join you in a cuppa tea for your birthday, shall go make one now and raise it to you :-). Lots of hugs, happy woyww :-) Kerry xxxxx

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Happy Belated Birthday. AND a glass of wine to celebrate, it's good for the ol'body
A start on Xmas and some cute spider webs, I've watched in a closed window at an old work place for over a month a large spider created a magnificent web would have been a great school project. Enjoy

okienurse said...

Thanks for the glass Annie I needed it! Happy late Birthday!1 Bad day so far! Love the bird cards and the tree cards, and the spider webs...so magical. Hope you have a crafty week! Vickie #91

podgypanda said...

I wish I was that organised to do some batches of cards like that!
Hope you had a few glasses like that one to celebrate. Happy belated Birthday Annie
X Julie (paperpathway)

trisha too said...

Well a Happy Birthday to you, Annie!
Thank you for the invitation, I believe I'll join you . . . your fabric pieces will make fantastic cards, and that frost photo is amazing!

#137ish this week

Catriona said...

Happy Birthday Annie. Lovely Christmas cards-you inspire me to get started on mine. Can't seem to get the mojo needed for Christmas -think it might be this rotten weather!

lisa said...

"Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to...." that's enough of my out of tune singing!!! I hope you had a great day, Annie. Cheers!!
Love your Christmas cards, especially those gorgeous robins.
Spiders webs are amazing at this time of year aren't they. We haven't had any frost yet, but I suspect that may change soon!!
hugs Lisax

pearshapedcrafting said...

Belated Happy Birthday! Love your little robins - really must get a move on with Christmas!!! Chris150

BadPenny said...

ooh thank you... I am raising my glass to you !
What delightful cards. So pleased for you that you can sew despite arthritis.
Wonderful spiders' webs photos xx

RosC said...

Hi Annie,
Your little robins are really lovely, you're very clever to think of the idea and then away you go with this cute little fellow.
I reckon you drew those cobwebs on the photo - sprung! They are such fine specimens.
You remind me to get on with Christmas cards myself - got the ideas in mind, just gotta get a wriggle on.
Happy days,
Ros. #165

Sue from Oregon said...

Oh your birdies turned out much cuter than the angry bird I guessed it to be at first! Cool web pic too! Happy very belate WOYWW!
Sue Kment

Neet said...

VERY BELATED BIRTHDAY WISHES, sorry I was not around.
Thanks for the glass to celebrate, had more than one I must admit.
Love the robins and the web is fantastic.
Take care.
Hugs, Neet xx