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Friday, 7 September 2012

Friday's smiles...

These are a few snaps of things that have made me smile this week....

When the twins have finished their meals they like to sit and hold hands and giggle together.

I have a room full of toys for them to play with but as you can see here their favourite toy is playing peep behind the curtains!....yes those are Sam's feet sticking out on the left of the pic.  :-)

Who needs a hoover after lunch time for the twins?  I have two little doggies who really love their visits.  :-)

I've been bitten by insects many times this year so Saturday I decided to tuck my trousers into my socks to keep the little b*****s out while I picked the veg down the garden.....vest tucked into my trousers too and I was covered with insect repellant!!

Having picked a huge bag full of kidney beans I mentioned to my 'Gadget man' that the old bean slicer was still hanging up in the shed from when I was a child so of course he had to search it out and ...

...ta da it still works!

Needless to say that, although it was like meeting an old friend, I still sliced them by hand cos there is more flavour in the thicker slices.

Beetroot, cooking apples and onions fresh out of the garden and what do I make?

4 jars of the most yummy beetroot chutney that's what  :-)

It's been a busy week for me but I have had so many things to smile about.  How about you?

Have a great weekend.
A x


mashy20 said...

Awww what gorgeous little monkeys! Hehe! Such cuties! Love the old bean slicer! And that chutney looks yummy :-) xxx

Elizabeth said...

Aww! Love the pic of the twins holding hands, adorable.

The slicer is neat but I'm of a like mind to you, I prefer to chop/slice/dice by hand. The EM has a gadget for everything and despairs of me because I won't make life easier and use them - but what could be easier than a good sharp knife and a chopping board!

Thanks for the Friday smile - it's always much appreciated.

Elizabeth xx

Twiglet said...

Yes and even I made you smile today too!! x Jo

SueH said...

Wonderful photos as always on a Friday Annie!
Typical kids, not playing with the toys you provide for them. I remember when I nephew was small, my dad spent a fortune of toys for his only grandson but Lee would spend hours playing and making things with the boxes they came in rather than the toy itself.
I sympathise with regard to the gnats bites….the little blighters love me too. I think one must have gone up my trousers leg a few days ago and got trapped because I now have no less than nine enormous hives up my leg and they won’t stop itching.

Have a great weekend
PS. Could do with a dollop of your chutney right now with my lunch!

Karen said...

Last year my Mum actually gave up her bean slicer after years of me nagging hahahaha! It looks as well loved as yours. Newer ones just don't do the job do they? Your chutney looks delicious Annie, my mouth is watering now :D Awe Twinnies are growing up too fast, HUGS xxx

Di said...

Great photos Annie, happy Friday Smiles indeed :) Hugs Di xx

Carmen said...

Mmmmmmmmm chutney!

You look very 'in' with your tucked in troos. My eldest Devvie, first thing she does when she gets home from school. Jammie bottoms on and the bottoms tucked into her slipper socks for the exact same reason as you :D

Love that picture of the twins holding hands :) And yes, we have a hoover too - called Cooper ;)

Love your Friday Smiles :)

Samantha Elliott said...

Awww! Those two holding hands...sooo cute!
Mmmn! That chutney sounds great. Swap you for a jar of honey! Darn it... too far to pop over!
If you want a good insect repellent, try skin so soft spray from Avon! Ding dong! It works!!

Mrs A. said...

Are your two little dogs twins also?
That is so sweet holding hands together. Hugs Mrs A.

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

Hello! Just randomly blog hopping and landed here - I always click through if I find another Annie :D

The chutney looks delish! Any chance you could post the recipe?

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

Sorry Penny, that was meant to say that I found my way here from Annie at Violet White.

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Annie,

Oh yes, I received your hug! And what a wonderful hug in Hobby Lobby yesterday until they closed! I was really dragging so Di will venture to Michael's and JoAnn's without me.

The little munchkins are just adorable! Isn't it weird about the bugs. I found a tick on my dog this morning and in all the years I've lived her I have never found a tick on one of my dogs! Now I'm fumigating.....


trisha too said...

Those twinnies are SO cute, and the twin "hoovers" cleaning up after them are a close second!

Happy WOYWW!
:)trisha, #144