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Monday, 6 June 2011

Don't forget to take time out to smell the roses...

We have had a really special weekend.  

Saturday afternoon / evening was spent babysitting our gorgeous granddaughters.  They really are a delight to care for.  We had lots of fun and laughter.  I cooked them tea which they tucked into with no fuss or bother.  We bathed them and had lots of fun with bubbles and their bath toys and then we read stories and tucked both down in bed.  It's so lovely to see what a wonderful job our daughter and her hubby are doing of bringing them up....I'm such a proud mummy and nanny.

Sunday was a day for enjoying our little bit of heaven down the bottom of our garden.  We hoovered and cleaned out our bird hide [yes, we need a couple of extension leads to reach the bottom of our garden with a hoover!]....lots of spiders had moved in during the winter and to be honest I can't relax down there with so many little critters watching me.  We then set to and cleared out a lot of the overgrown weeds from the 'back to nature' bit......even nature needs a bit of help once or twice a year.  We enjoyed our morning coffee and lunch in the bird hide watching 2 squirrels play, an adult robin feeding it's baby, a black cap, a chiffchaff and more baby tits, of all sorts, than I could count......maybe now you can see why I call it our little bit of heaven?

I've snapped a few pics to share with you.

Triffid update.....It's now over 6 foot tall and has pretty yellow flowers on the top.  The top bends over towards the sun and tends to follow the sun around the sky during the day  :-)  Skye reluctantly posed in from of it for you to give it a bit of scale  :-)
The flowers on the top....they seem to only last a day or so then drop off.
This is a little of our back to nature bit now we have cleared out some of the weeds.  It all has a canopy of hazel nut trees and is such a wonderful place to sit and enjoy nature at it's best.
The veg garden is looking pretty good and everything seems to have benefited from the drop of rain of late.
And finally just a bit of colour I snapped around the garden.  I love the vivid blue of this geranium.

Finally....don't forget to smell the roses.  These are just two of the lovely roses around our garden and I thought I'd share them with you.  Enjoy your week but remember to take time out to enjoy the magic that's all around you.

Blog Update
Having seen Mrs A's comment below I thought you might like to see another unseen area of my garden.

This is the stone circle that we will be dancing around naked on mid summer's eve  :-)


WhingingNinja said...

that looks lovely! I wish I had nooks and crannies I could turn to and hide in. However with this retched cold I couldn't smell the roses even if I wanted to!

Suz said...

Sounds like heaven, your weekend real jealous lol
Did you ever find out what the Trifid was called? lol it will take over soon
Hugs x

Suz said...

is it this...Verbascum thapsus
Common name: Common Mullein?
hugs x

Quirky Boots said...

looks fab, cant believe how big the triffid is now!! eeek

Mrs A. said...

I think Suz is right that it is a Verbascum Thapsus. also known as Jacob's Staff. Can grow to 7 feet and the leaves can be as long as 50cm. Has a long history as a herbal remedy among them being coughs and sore throats.
The entire plant possessess sedative and narcotic properties so if we hear of strange goings on at the bottom of your garden on June 21st we will know why!!!!!
Just off to smell the roses. Hugs Mrs A.

Mrs A. said...

Love the circle. He He. Will sure to be down peeping out amongst the stones on 21st!!!! Hugs Hrs A.

Kate said...

The mind boggles, in fact I just don't want to think about it. I would rather see your lovely garden and not envisage the naked bodies in it!!!

** Kate **

Anonymous said...

Lucky you to have a hide at the bottom of the garden - might just ask the OH for one of these for my birthday.
Plant looks a bit like something I call evening primrose and my Dads friend called Yorkshire Weed. In other words it will stay for ever. Think its biennual, but keeps coming up everywhere. Quite like it though.
X Tricia

Twiglet said...

That Triffid tripped me up as I was going to the greenhouse today.... oh and don't forget to give your stonehenge a scrub before mid summers eve then!! lol

Karen said...

haha love your stone circle Annie...so when you are dancing naked around it will all the little creatures be in the hide watching you for a change????? :D

I just love your garden xxx

Bernie said...

Wow How lovely! Love your stonehenge, hope the little ones will be safely tucked in bed on mid summer's eve. Wouldn't want to scar them for life. LOL!
Blessings Bernie

Toucan Scraps said...

beautiful flowers, and cute Stone Henge

okienurse said...

OMG! Went from strange to stranger the more pics you posted. I can say that it would be funny to see the critters watching a group of peeps out dancing naked in their woods! Interesting they'd say....a little too much Triffid! Thanks for sharing! Vickie