Friday, 16 August 2019

This week's smiles....week 334

Another week and more smiles to share....I hope you have too.

Lexi has been helping her Daddy wallpaper Sam's bedroom....I used to love helping my Dad wallpaper so seeing her doing this made me smile.

Steve has been playing chef and making Salmon parcels for their tea.....I love seeing how they all like to cook.  Such independent children.

Yesterday, while weeding in our back garden Dod found this was huge so I googled it and this is what it should grow into.....

It's an Elephant Hawk's head moth and isn't it stunning?

Nature really is amazing.

I found this on Pinterest and it really made me chuckle.....getting fabric delivered while he's not here now is much harder now he's retired :-)

That's all my smiles for this week.  Please leave me a little message and then link up to your smiles below.  Lets all help to make the world a happier place.
Annie x


  1. What incredible smiles this week. I enjoyed seeing Lexi and Steve in non-traditional roles. Have to admit that asparagus looked pretty yummy, too.

    I've never heard of an Eleiphant Hawks Head Moth before, but it is beautiful. Looks like you had a full and eventful week. Have a great Friday and rest of the weekend, too, Annie.

  2. That moth is a beauty, I bet Diana at Velvet Moth would love that one.
    Sometimes it’s embarrassing how much stuff our postman brings. I tell him I’m making sure I keep him in a job. Mind you I did have my birthday as an excuse for receiving a lot of parcels this week Hee hee xx

  3. Loving Lexi’s style with the sponge-wonder if there was music on as she seems to be dancing. The chef looks completely in charge of his kitchen and he has such concentration. Retired men are like small boys all over again-bringing strange things in for your to admire! Fabric-what can I say-guilty as you!! Norrie raced to cut the grass again yesterday as it’s now monsoon again here.

  4. Such great smiles today. Those children really are great. I also have grandchildren that love to cook, and it is an absolute pleasure to watch them.
    Wallpapering looks very complicated to me. I have never done it or seen it done, so I am I. Awe of Lexi helping out!
    That moth is amazing. It looks quite big too. Moths are so pretty sometimes. Just as,pretty as butterflies.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  5. Great post today. Love to see the children getting busy and life learning. My husband has no idea about cooking past warming up ready meals, toasting bread and making bacon sandwiches though I'm sure he'd work something out if he had he'd probably live off takeaways! The moth is gorgeous, hope you put the caterpillar back. I might say having anything delivered is difficult when they are always around so I've given up.....obviously given up worrying just order stuff anyway! Have a lovely weekend, Angela xXx

  6. Hi Annie, more lovely reasons to smile today. Lexi looks quite old hand at cleaning the pasting board and I can see Steve being a contender for Young Masterchef pretty soon. Well done on tracking down what the beast is. You have to think that not even it's mother could love such an ugly duckling and yet it will eventually become, if not a beautiful swan, a perfectly stunning moth. Nature really is amazing. And the funny - I feel your pain ... I've had the same problem since Alan retired, over 20 years ago! Have a great weekend. Hugs, Ellie xx

  7. Well done to Lexi. I don't think my dad would have appreciated my help, but I watched and learned and later papered the main room of my own house unaided.
    Stevie is doing an excellent job. It is so good when they learn to cook at an early age. My husband is hopeless in the kitchen but I made sure all the boys learned the basics, and they all cook now.
    I love the caterpillar. Its face is amazing. There are so many different types of hawk moth but they all have huge caterpillars with these faces. We see them quite a bit out here.
    Kate x

  8. Great post. Fancy having a beautiful moth to look forward to in your garden.


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