Friday, 9 August 2013

This weeks smiles....week 30

Many thanks to all who joined in the fun this week.  There really is a lot of happiness out there and how lovely it is to share it.  Many call by each week just to share our smiles now folks so please keep linking them up to cheer the lives of those needing that little extra boost in their lives.

I am featuring Di's blog this week from over at Pixie's Crafty Workshop.  She painted such a fab picture in my mind of her dressed ready for some intense really caused some giggles.  I am hoping to meet Di this next week in real life and I would like to put a request in that she doesn't come in her cleaning gear  :-)  Thanks for joining in the fun Di.....see you soon wahooooo

I am sharing my two little munchkins this week to show off what a clever Great Aunty Jo they have.  They are such tiny little poppets and are so into dressing up at the mo.  Shell has tried to buy them a few dressing up clothes but they are all for children aged 3-5 so are much too big for them.  Jo set to and made them a few [she put them on her blog on Wednesday] and you can see just how much they love them here....

Lexi just loves her princess skirt but in her haste to put it on she failed to cover her top half...I've blocked out the important bits cos I'm sure in years to come she might rather it that way  :-)

Here is Nurse Lexi and Dr Sam....they have a fab set of Dr toys and are happy to check you over any time but be warned...they are a bit vicious with their instruments as yet!!  :-)

And if you're not already smiling then this one is sure to raise a smile.  Sam insisted on putting Lexi's fairy dress on...what a cute little angelic face eh?  :-)

Thanks for calling by for your 'make me happy' visit.  If you have something in your life that is making you smile please snap a pic and link it up any time before next Friday when I will be uploading my next pic and I will feature the one that made me smile the most.


  1. Your munchkins are adorable. BUT, I think that's Dr. Lexi and Nurse Sam. Nurse Sam's even wearing a nurse's cap. OK, just joking about the cap!

    I agree that Lexi's modesty will blossom about the time she hits 6th grade (if you have the same school system we have, where 6th grade is the last year of grade or grammar school. Gotta love how she is not the least bit camera shy now, though.

    Happy Friday Smiles. When I learned about this fun event, I couldn't WAIT to join in. Imagine my dismay and agitation when I learned I had no internet for nearly 3 days.

  2. Aw, brilliant photos Annie! What sweet little munchkins and I adore their dressing up outfits. Can Jo run me up a Pixie one please? JOKE!!!!

    Thank you for featuring my cleaning adventures :)

    See you soon, hugs, Di xx

  3. Aw Bless! Doesn't Sam look so cute. I can see him in the Natity play as an Angel! (I could not say Nativity when I was younger and it stuck as the family joke - one of many!)
    Have fun on Monday. I know Di is looking forward to it!

  4. Hi Annie so cute but Sam does look a bit confused in the fairy dress
    have a great week

  5. O ...M ...Goodness ...that last one made me roar ...the expression ....perfect to keep for an 18th Album.
    I love Friday mornings with you and the gang lifts the spirits...xx

  6. Oh what a lovely comment from Angie - that's worth making the effort isn't it! Such fab photos Annie. x Jo

  7. I love the little face in the last picture
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  8. Wonderful photos this week Annie. Little people always love dressing up.It was a firm favourite in my Nursery. I have a photo of my Ben in a dress and a curly wig! aged around three. Such wonderful moments to capture fr the future. Kate x

  9. Cuties as ever making me smile. You may have edited out Lexi's future blushes but Sam will have to live down that pic!!
    Have a good weekend and a great time next week too.
    Love Jo x

  10. I love watching kids play and dress up.
    Great photos and well done to Jo

  11. oh bless them! What adorable cuties they are - they certainly raised several smiles here!

  12. What the adventures these little ones always share. Have a wonderful weekend. I'm off to make a cake for mom's birthday.

  13. So glad to see the twinnies enjoying their new dress-up clothes that Jo made them! Great photos too... will be worth keeping them for balckmail later... ;)

  14. Now how cute is that! I am so glad you shared pictures of the grandies in the dress up clothes! Vickie

  15. The Perfect Smiley set of Photos. Love Sam's face on the last one and the twins .... well what can one say about those two adorable little ones. What a lot of joy you have Annie.
    Thanks so much for sharing.
    Hugs, Neet xx


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